Index of Career Resources

Index of Career Resources

This is a collection of articles on leading a high impact ethical career, organised by category.

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Being an Effective Altruist

+– * What is an effective altruist?

Dealing with uncertainty

How to choose careers


Researching and Innovating

+– * When is scientific research high impact, and how can we know? High Impact Science

Earning to Give

+– * Could you have more impact earning to give than a conventional ethical career?

Other sites

Donating money{#donating}

+– * Giving more is easy!

Other sites:


+– * Through advocacy you can achieve far more than you could alone.

Other sites

  • Why activists should consider earning a lot of money

Improver Careers

+– * How can I become a world-class researcher without doing any research? The high-impact personal assistant.


Career profiles{#career-profiles}

+– * How many lives does a doctor save?


Our Academic Research

+– * Will Crouch’s research on professional philanthropy: “Against the Common-Sense View of Ethical Careers”

  • Ben Todd’s research on the ethical issues surrounding replaceability: “Which Ethical Careers Make a Difference?: The Replaceability Issue in the Ethics of Career Choice.” Email for a copy.