We’re always interested in hearing from people interested in volunteering. We have many one-off or part-time projects to get started on, but we can also give you lots of responsibility, fancy titles and internship positions if you’d like to get heavily involved. You’ll be working alongside full-time staff, who’ll look after you while you’re getting started and give you training.

By volunteering for 80,000 Hours, you’ll be helping our mission to become the world’s leading source of guidance on how to make a difference in an effective way. You’ll also be helping to foster the growth of our global network of people working together to make the world as good a place as it can be. We ultimately want to help millions of people have more impact with their careers, and do a huge amount of good.

We have ambitious goals for the next year. We’ll be developing our unique one-on-one guidance and promoting it heavily. We’re producing large amounts of research and written content, which is forming the basis for an alternative careers guide. We hope to recruit hundreds of dedicated members to our community.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for one of these roles, email jess.whittlestone@80000hours.org

+– {.accordion} ###Community {#community} +– Do outreach for 80,000 Hours in your area. Speak to your friends about us. Contact your university career service and give them our materials. Contact jess.whittlestone@80000hours.org for help and advice.

We’re looking for people to arrange 80,000 Hours meet-ups, which form an important part of our community - finding new members, supporting each other in living as effective altruists, and solving problems together. If you’re interested, contact jess.whittlestone@80000hours.org. We’ve can give you resources and training to help you get started, as well as introduce you to people in your area.

We’re also interested in meeting anyone with an interest in online or offline community management. We’d like to create a community where people feel welcomed and inspired. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact xiomara.kikauka@80000hours.org


Within Oxford


Event videographer: gain experience with creating videos, by filming our events and helping them reach far more people.

Photographers: We’d like to meet people who can take beautiful photos for our website and promotional materials.

Events organisers: learn how to run inspiring and impactful events

Publicity people who can get people coming to our events.

College reps: People in Oxford Colleges and Brookes university who can promote our events and ideas.

Even if you aren’t interested in any of these roles, get in touch and we’ll find something to suit you.

Contact abbie.taylor@80000hours.org for more information.

If you live in Oxford and are interested in one of the other roles, we’d especially like to hear from you!


+– We’re interested in speaking to people with an interest in marketing to advise us on our current marketing strategy, helping us get our content to as many interested people as possible.

We’d also love to speak to anyone who wants to gain experience in running promotional campaigns and writing press releases. We’ve got lots of ideas!

We need to write a lot of promotional copy, designed to effectively communicate our message. If you’re interested in improving your persuasive writing, get in touch.

How can we make our website clear, easy to use and persuasive? We’d like to meet people with experience designing non-profit or campaign websites.

We’d like to make videos to explain our ideas as well as recording our events. We’d like to meet anyone who wants to improve their film-making or video-production skills.

If this sounds like you, contact jess.whittlestone@80000hours.org


+– We’re always interested in people with web design and development skills to develop. The site runs Ruby on Rails. Contact roman.duda@80000hours.org

We’re designing a unique careers guidance app and our own interactive network, so we’d like to talk to anyone with an interest in setting up online social networks and developing complex user interfaces. Play a vital role in starting a new online community.

We’ve got opportunities for webmasters to keep the site updated and blog admins.

How can we make our website persuasive? We’d like to meet people with experience designing non-profit or campaign websites or with other experience of web marketing.

We’d like to test our website to improve it: we’d love to meet anyone interested in learning about web analytics, a/b testing and user research

We’d like to make our website and printed materials clear and beautiful: If you’re like to practice graphic design or web design, get in touch.

Contact roman.duda@80000hours.org for more.

Careers Guidance

+– We’d like to meet people with careers counselling experience who are sympathetic to our ideas. We’re developing a unique one-on-one guidance service, but we have a lot to learn, so we’d like your input. =–

Written Content

+– We want to write a lot of blog posts. Many of these will later be turned into our alternative high impact ethical careers guide and interactive web content. If you have an interest in writing, we can probably find you a topic to write about and publish in on our blog. Particularly good work might feature in our future alternative careers guide. Here’s some of the topics we’re interested in:

  • Introductions to different types of career
  • What’s wrong with conventional careers guidance?
  • Common biases in career decisions and how to avoid them
  • Defending the big ideas of effective altruism
  • What causes give us the most potential for impact?
  • Member profiles and interviews with high impact people

We’re looking for editors who can help make our content easier to understand and have well good grammar


+– * We need people to help us run our finances, so that we don’t run out of money! This is a great way to learn how charities and businesses really run.

We need people who can give us legal advice, so that we don’t get sued!

  • Be an improver, we need people to support our existing staff by helping 80,000 Hours to run more smoothly

We have an opening to learn about fundraising from grants and foundations.

We’re registering as a charity in the US. We have an opportunity for you to lead this process. You’ll learn a lot about setting up non-profits.



+– We’re interested in recruiting people to do one-off or on-going research projects to join our world-leading careers research team. We have full-time and experienced part-time researchers who can guide you through a project. Particularly suitable are people with quantitative skills, who also have a strong interest in economics, psychology, politics and the social sciences, or a philosophical bent. We’re investigating a range of topics, including:

  • What’s wrong with conventional careers guidance?
  • Common biases in career decisions and how to avoid them
  • How should you factor your happiness into career choices? What careers will we enjoy?
  • What causes give us the most potential for impact?
  • How can we choose between causes?
  • Who should become researchers? Who should become professional philanthropists? Who should * become advocates?
  • What organisations are best to volunteer for?
  • Introductions to specific career paths e.g. law, being a grant maker, lobbying, finance, including information like the predictors of success and the expected outcomes (e.g. earnings)

We would also like to do research that will make us more effective, such as: * What are the best ways of giving someone advice on career choice? * What are the characteristics of successful campaigns and social movements? * What makes a successful community?


New Projects

+– Members of 80,000 Hours are interested in setting up high impact projects together. If you’ve got an idea for an effective altruist organisation, we’d like to speak to you. We may be able to offer you manpower and advice. We have some ideas of our own too! =–


You might also be interested in a volunteer position or an internship at our sister organisation, Giving What We Can.