Help finish off our winter fundraising round

Our winter fundraising round is in progress.

We’ve already raised £172,000, and are looking to raise £48,000 more.

If we make this target, then we’ll be able to cover:

  • All our costs for 2016 (mostly salaries for 4.3 full-time staff).
  • Plus hire a full-time coach.
  • And then have 12 months’ reserves remaining to start of our next fundraising round.

In the last year, we grew our newsletter five-fold to over 23,000, and increased web traffic three-fold to 60,000 unique visits per month. We accomplished this with only a small increase in costs.

During 2016, we’ll focus on converting more of this interest into plan changes by improving the online guide, such as by adding a series of intro videos and more career reviews. Our target is to increase the rate of significant plan changes five-fold.

If you’ve benefitted from our advice and would like to help us expand, please make a donation.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email at

You can find much more detail about our plans and progress in the evaluations section of our site, as well as fortnightly updates here.

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