We’re hoping to create more hours of content for both The 80,000 Hours Podcast and 80k After Hours, but to do that we need additional audio editing capacity.

As a freelancer audio editor for 80,000 Hours you’d be working on both shows with our lead audio engineer Ben Cordell.

This part-time and remote role would primarily include:

  • Audio mastering
  • Removing silences
  • Taking out filler words
  • And generally making our hosts and guests sound smarter than they actually are in real life — especially the guy who most regularly hosts the show

We’re looking for someone with at least one year of experience doing broadly similar work, and ideally someone who gets what we’re trying to do, and is excited about more of it existing.

So if you want to get paid competitive industry rates to listen to 80,000 Hours podcasts, or know someone we should reach out to — please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].