Advising code of conduct


I will at all times in delivering coaching uphold high standards of quality and professionalism. I am committed to continuous development through staying up to date with the latest research and always seeking feedback on my coaching. I will represent my service accurately and will not engage in misleading conduct or other conduct which would bring myself or 80,000 Hours into disrepute.

Transparency and Accountability

I recognise 80,000 Hours’ commitment to transparency and accountability and will work to ensure that commitment is fulfilled. I will do this by following the steps in our most up to date coaching process guide.


In all my professional activities I will act in the interest of society and at all times exercise integrity, honesty and diligence.


I will strive for impartiality in all aspects of my work. I will actively try to identify any conflicts of interest or other sources of bias which may affect my work. I will be sure to declare all sources of bias which may materially affect my coaching service and to take steps to mitigate them where possible.

Care of Clients

The immediate goal of my service is to help my clients help the world by providing them with information about their options. I will endeavour to be understanding of the current situation limitations and potential of my client. I will treat each each client with respect, dignity and concern. I will never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation etc. I will never encourage a client to take a course of action that may be harmful to their physical or mental well being.


I will protect my client’s privacy by ensuring they understand our privacy policy and always acting in accordance with this policy.

Workplace Environment

I will endeavor to ensure a healthy and supportive workplace for colleagues.


I understand that in order to help the world I must look after myself. I will ensure that I take steps to ensure my own health and wellbeing and set goals that are realistic and contribute to my own personal development.