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In the words of our coachees...

Of the 100s of people we’ve coached, 95% would recommend us to a friend and 76% said they changed their career plans to something higher impact.

As a direct result of coaching, I found a role as Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI at UC Berkeley, where I will contribute to shaping provably beneficial AI.

Rosie Campbell
Assistant Director
Center for Human-Compatible AI

The coaching team is incredibly well-researched and connected in AI safety. Their advice is far more insightful, personalized, and impact-focused than most of what I got from Google, self-reflection, or the peers or mentors I would typically go to.

Ethan Perez
Deep Learning Research Intern
MILA, Université de Montréal

80,000 Hours coaching showed me that I could pursue a career that was both ethically and personally rewarding. They showed me that my job horizons—and therefore opportunities to do good—were broader than I had thought, even with my heavy involvement in effective altruism.

Cullen O'Keefe
Harvard Law School Effective Altruism

What is 80,000 Hours?

80,000 Hours is an independent non-profit that helps graduates lead fulfilling careers with a big positive social impact. Founded at the University of Oxford in 2011, we’ve since passed through Y Combinator, the startup incubator which funded Dropbox and AirBnB. We’ve done five years of research into how to find the best career and worked with thousands of young people, particularly those in top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton. Our free career guide is read by more than a million people each year.

About us

Our coaching team

Dr Niel Bowerman

Niel is the former Assistant Director at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute. With a DPhil in physics from Oxford University, he was a member of President Obama’s Energy and Environment Policy Team during the 2008 Presidential election, and Climate Science Advisor to the Office of the President of the Maldives.


  • AI strategy & governance
  • Policy & politics

Dr Brenton Mayer

Brenton qualified as a doctor and worked in Australia and Fiji. He co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that in its first 2 years has raised over $1.5 million for effective charities. He also co-founded the Run to Better Days, to promote effective development aid for people living in extreme poverty.


  • Biosecurity
  • Global priorities research

Peter McIntyre

After 4 years studying clinical medicine, Peter left to work with the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, whose research aims to ensure technology (such as AI) benefits everyone. Peter also co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, founded a phone repairs company, and managed a sales team at the age of 18.


  • AI/ML safety research
  • Promoting Effective Altruism

What we look for

We can only coach a small fraction of the hundreds of applications we receive each month.

When reviewing applications, we look for ability, interest in our priority areas, and commitment to social impact. You don’t need to meet all of our criteria – doing well in one area has often qualified previous applicants – but they all help.


Your application should provide evidence of exceptional past achievements and/or your ability to excel at working in one of our priority areas. For example, any of the following could qualify you:

  • You can demonstrate potential in one of the priority areas e.g. through a side project.
  • You excelled in your studies at one of the world’s top 20 universities.
  • You previously worked in extremely competitive roles.
  • You received prestigious awards, grants or fellowships.
  • You cofounded a successful business or social initiative.

Priority areas

We look for evidence of serious interest in working in one of our priority areas:

Our current priority areas are largely determined by our views on what are the most pressing global problems. If you’re considering working in a different area, please make sure your application demonstrates exceptional ability and includes a summary of the reasons why you think the area you’re considering is likely to be your highest impact option.

Commitment to social impact

The aim of 80,000 Hours is to have the biggest social impact we can, so in your application we’ll look for evidence of a similar commitment. Prior involvement with the effective altruism community is helpful but not necessary.

Sound like you?

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