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Global health & poverty

Every year around ten million people in poorer countries die of illnesses that can be very cheaply prevented or managed, including malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and diarrhoea.

Around $100 is spent on the healthcare of the poorest 2 billion people per capita each year (adjusted for purchasing power). As a result there remain many opportunities to scale up treatments that are known to prevent or cure these conditions.

We’ve selected the jobs below from the organisations that are most focused on cost effectiveness.

To learn more about this area, see our problem profile on health in poor countries.


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We update this list roughly twice per month.
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You are viewing our curated list of the most promising publicly advertised vacancies we’re aware of. They’re all high-impact opportunities at organisations that are working on some of the world’s most pressing problems. These positions are demanding, but if you’re a good fit for one of them, it could be your best opportunity for impact.

If you’re new to 80,000 Hours, see our career guide for a primer on social impact career choice including how to make a plan and how to get a job.

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The roles we list here are very demanding. If they seem out of reach right now, see our article on how to invest in yourself to maximise your impact in the long-term, or scroll down for more suggestions on how to find leads.

Organisations we recommend

Some of the highest-impact jobs are never advertised and are instead created for the right applicants. So below is our list of what we think are some of the best organisations working on some of the world’s most pressing problems. These are all potentially very high-impact places to work in any role, and many can help you to develop great career capital.

Our top priority areas:

Note: Our investigation of this area is only shallow, so we are not confident in our analysis and recommendations. See the Open Philanthropy Project’s overview of this area for more detail and a longer list of organisations.

  • The Centre for Effective Altruism conducts research into fundamental questions on how to do the most good, and encourages donations to the best charities available working on priority problems. It includes the project Giving What We Can, which encourages people to pledge 10% of their income to the most effective organisations for helping others. See current vacancies. If you’d like express interest in working at the Centre for Effective Altruism, fill out this short form. Disclaimer of conflict of interest: we are fiscally sponsored by the Centre for Effective Altruism.
  • 80,000 Hours – yes, that’s us. We do research into the careers which do the most good and help people pursue them. If you’d like to express interest in working with us, fill out this short form.
  • The Open Philanthropy Project takes an effective altruism approach to identifying high-impact giving opportunities across a wide range of problem areas, shares this research freely online, and uses it to advise top philathropists on where to give. See current vacancies. Disclaimer of conflict of interest: we have received a grant from the Open Philanthropy Project.
  • Founder’s Pledge encourages entrepreneurs to make a legally binding commitment to donate at least 2% of their personal proceeds to charity when they sell their business.

Other promising areas:

Advocacy for animals on factory farms

Development of meat substitutes

Other places to find vacancies

This board contains a short, curated list – it does not aim to be comprehensive. If you want to do a thorough search, you should check organisation websites directly. You can also find more vacancies and volunteer opportunities on the Effective Altruism Jobs Facebook Group, the Effective Altruism newsletter, and the EA Work Club website.

Due to resource constraints, we are currently unable to process unsolicited requests to list vacancies on this board. Please address any queries to [email protected].