Job board methodology

How do we pick the recommended organisations?

We pick them while doing the research behind our problem profiles. See the individual profile for a full description of our research process. In brief, we talk to experts in the area (especially those involved in prioritisation research), and see which organisations they recommend as doing the most effective work.

How do we pick the outstanding jobs?

We start from the list of recommended organisations (as above) within our top priority problem areas.

Then we look for open positions at these organisations that seem particularly important to the organisation. We haven’t yet performed a comprehensive search for open positions. Rather, we looked the positions that are advertised, what positions we’d came across while doing our research into problem areas, and what positions people have emailed us about. There are probably great positions at these organisations we’re not yet aware of.

Then, we considered whether the positions seem particularly talent constrained or funding constrained. To assess this, we consider whether the organisation says it’s talent constrained or funding constrained (from our survey), and whether it seems like they’ve had difficulty filling the role, or whether it seems like it’s especially important for someone who especially cares about social impact to take it.

Finally, we considered the value of the career capital one might get from the job.

The process above is not rigorous, and it’s only the first version of the job board. There are probably many great jobs we’ve missed (get in touch if you think we’ve missed one), and some of the positions we recommend won’t turn out to be high-impact. Nevertheless, we think they’re interesting opportunities to consider, and we hope to keep improving the range of jobs considered and selection process.

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