Happy new year! We’re celebrating with a special podcast holiday release: our favourite highlights from each episode of the show that came out in 2023.

That’s 32 of our favourite ideas packed into one episode that’s so bursting with substance it might be more than the human mind can safely handle.

Find this episode wherever you get podcasts:

There’s something for everyone here:

…plus another 23 such gems from the rest of our 2023 guest lineup.

And they’re in an order that our audio engineer Simon Monsour described as having an “eight-dimensional-tetris-like rationale.”

I don’t know what the hell that means either, but I’m curious to find out.

And remember: if you like these highlights, note that we release 20-minute highlights reels for every new episode over on our sister feed, which is called 80k After Hours. So if you’re struggling to make time to listen to every single one, you can always get some of the best bits of our episodes.

We hope for all the best things to happen for you in 2024, and the podcast team will be back with a new episode soon!