Our credibility

Our credibility comes from the following sources.


Transparency about our research

We aim to fully explain the reasoning and evidence behind our findings. We do this by:

  • Explaining the principles we use to guide our work
  • For each individual report, we justify our claims in footnotes, appendices or other reports. If you see a claim that isn’t backed up by a link or citation, you can assume there’s no further justification.
  • We make it easy to critique our work by giving a summary of our key findings, explaining our research process, flagging key judgement calls and stating our key uncertainties.

We seek feedback on our work by:

Transparency about our organisation

We publish:



We’ve reached millions of people through our media coverage and over 200,000 people have visited our website. As of our last evaluation in December 2013, we’ve tracked over 100 significant plan changes – people who say they’ve made a significant change to their plans because of us.

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