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Wholeteam1The core 80,000 Hours team in summer 2013

Our aim is to help as many people as possible lead high-impact careers. We do this by providing career advice for talented young people who want to have a social impact.

Current positions

We’re hiring a web product engineer to lead on building our interactive career guide. Find out about the role.

Otherwise, we’re not currently focused on hiring, though we’re always interesting in hearing from people dedicated to our mission who’d like to join the team full time. If you’d like to express interest in joining, fill out this short form.

Unfortunately we don’t offer internships or part-time volunteer positions.

Interested in working with us in the future?

  1. Express interest in joining the team.Read our book, Doing Good Better and career guide.
  2. Get involved in our community and effective altruism. We usually hire from people who are already involved.
  3. Write about your career decision or write an interview for the blog.
  4. Stay up-to-date on our progress and other openings. Subscribe here.

Our umbrella organisation, the Centre for Effective Altruism is also recruiting for a range of other roles.

Why work for 80,000 Hours?


First and foremost, “making the world a better place” is our bottom line and central aim. If you work for 80,000 Hours, you can directly help hundreds of other people have more impact with their careers. We work on this project because we think it’s the best way for us to make a contribution. Developing ways to monitor our own impact is one of our biggest priorities.

But there’s more:

Be part of something incredibly exciting

We want to completely change the way people think about their careers, which we find to be an unbelievably exciting and motivating project.

“It’s really exciting to be at the forefront of research on how to do the most good with your career. It’s such an important and neglected area of research, and all our findings are immediately applicable and decision relevant to real people’s lives.” – Roman Duda, Product Manager

Do work that’s important, challenging and varied

Everyone wants a job they love, as well as one that makes a difference. Job satisfaction seems to come from challenge, contribution, and variety. Working on the fundamentally interesting, neglected and important question: “how can we help people choose the best careers?” turns out to be a pretty good way to achieve these things!

“One of my favorite parts of working for 80,000 Hours was that there was always something new. I got a lot of choice in what I was working on and there was a lot of task diversity. I got to see my projects to completion and had a high degree of autonomy.” – Xio Kikauka, intern

Work with incredible people

Everyone who works for us is talented, dedicated and ambitious, and there’s a wide community of awesome people in Oxford for you to meet. When I asked people in the office for what they most liked about working here, “great people” came up the most.

““The best thing about working for CEA is definitely the people. I have never before met such an intelligent, motivated and interesting team with a genuine desire to change the world for the better.” – Stephanie Crampin, intern

Meet incredible people

We work closely with academics at the University of Oxford: we share offices with the Future of Humanity Institute and are affiliated with the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, based in the same building. Our careers coaching program is attracting some of the most inspiring and interesting people in the world: we’re currently getting so many requests we have to turn away 80% of them.

“The people I work with are some of the smartest, most dedicated and interesting people I know. I’ve learned so much from them, and the network that I’ve become part of is packed full of ridiculously impressive people.” – Roman Duda

Become the most impressive person you can

Helping you to fulfil your potential to make a huge difference is one of the most important things we can do, so we make personal development a priority. We’ll tailor your work so you can develop the skills you want, as well as explicitly setting aside time each week to work on personal development and self improvement.

“I feel like I’ve made a real contribution to the charity as part of the group and had the motivation to make myself better and stronger as a person whilst doing it.” – Stephanie Crampin

Everyone really wants to help everyone else on the team, as we all care deeply about enabling each other to reach our highest potential, so that we can all improve the world as much as possible.” – Roman Duda

Find exciting future job opportunities

One of our interns in 2012 spun off the organisation Effective Animal Activism with our help. We’re growing an amazing network of people and organisations working on the highest impact opportunities in the world – we’re in contact with some pretty impressive individuals like Nick Bostrom of FHI and Holden Karnofsky of GiveWell.

If you work for us, you’ll also have:


We go for a “professional, but autonomous” work culture. We set high standards, but avoid pointless rules. For example, we encourage our employees to set a work routine that works for them and stick to it, but have no strict office hours.


As we’re a new and growing organisation, there’s a lot of opportunity to take on responsibility much earlier than you would in a large corporation. Many of our interns develop management experience by working with volunteers.


We want everyone to have a say in how 80,000 Hours is run. We hold weekly team meetings to give everyone an input, and also run weekly lunchtime sessions on some specific area of what we’re working on to get input and feedback.

It’s also just a ton of fun! The team is very sociable and we do lots of things together besides work: weekly dinners and pub trips, movie nights, and much more.

Finally, there’s no better place to try and figure out your own career path. We can’t emphasise this one enough – it’s something we’ve found ridiculously valuable. One of the best ways to figure out the answers to your questions is to discuss them with other people who are thinking about the same issues. You’ll be in an environment surrounded by other people who are ambitious about making a difference with the careers, giving you ample opportunity to do this. We give each other constant feedback and advice on future career plans, and also offer formal careers advice to everyone who works with us.

“I genuinely don’t think there’s a better place in the world to work if you want to figure out what to do with your own career. The time I’ve spent working for 80,000 Hours this past year has been invaluable and made me realise there are so many more exciting possibilities available to me than I originally thought.”Jess Whittlestone, Director of Communications