Resources on how to do good with your career — and anything else we feel like releasing.

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80k After Hours is a podcast by the team that brings you The 80,000 Hours Podcast.

Like that show, it’ll mostly still explore the best ways to do good — and some episodes will be even more laser-focused on careers than most original episodes.

But we’re also going to widen our scope, including things like how to solve pressing problems while also living a happy and fulfilling life, as well as releases that are just fun, entertaining, or experimental.

It’ll feature:

  • Conversations between staff on the 80,000 Hours team
  • More eclectic formats and topics — one episode could be a structured debate about ‘human challenge trials’; the next a staged reading of a play about the year 2750
  • Niche content for specific audiences, such as high school students or active participants in the effective altruism community
  • Extras and outtakes from interviews on the original feed
  • 80,000 Hours staff interviewed on other podcasts
  • Audio versions of our new articles and research

80k After Hours launched in 2022 to accommodate our growing and increasingly diverse audience — allowing us to continue to produce our classic interviews on one feed, while having the freedom to try new audio content on another.

List of episodes

Episode 1

Read the launch announcement

Episode 2

Summary and transcript for ‘Rob and Keiran on the philosophy of The 80,000 Hours Podcast’

Episode 3

Summary and transcript for ‘Alex Lawsen on his advice for students’

Episode 4

Read ‘Be more ambitious: a rational case for dreaming big’

Episode 5

Summary and transcript for ‘Michelle and Habiba on what they’d tell their younger selves, and the impact of the 1-1 team’

How to listen

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