Effective Animal Activism, a spin-off of 80,000 Hours, has hired a full-time Executive Director

I’m very excited to see our that spin-off Effective Animal Activism, which only launched last summer, has already been able to hire a full-time Executive Director, Jon Bockman. Jon has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, with a special focus on animal causes.

EAA will now become entirely independent from 80,000 Hours, and has a separate board of trustees consisting of Brian Tomasik, Eitan Fischer and Rob Wiblin.

In the rest of this post, I let Jon explain the new mission and direction of the organisation.

**The following was written by Jon Bockman and was originally featured on the EAA blog **

We’re in the midst of an exciting era for effective animal altruists. Animal advocacy groups are getting serious about increasing effectiveness. Every month brings exciting projects, and the volume of new studies and research projects is expanding faster than ever before.

EAA has taken important organizational and strategic steps to powerfully execute our mission in this new era. I am writing to share these exciting updates with you:

  1. We’ve hired an Executive Director and Director of Communications, recruited skilled interns and advisors, and embarked on a focused path. We now employ a well-defined mission: identify and promote the most effective organizations. We have developed a clear course of action: conduct and evaluate research, and provide recommendations to the public.

  2. To ensure maximum efficiency and maintain a high level of professionalism, we will be splitting our website into two distinct areas. Our main site will feature charity recommendations and official research, and our supplemental site will contain our community and related supportive features. This will allow us to uniquely brand each set of concepts, providing a simple way for users to get what they need as quickly as possible.

  3. We strategically recognized the importance of establishing an official presence in the United States. This is important not only because we will initially focus primarily on U.S. organizations, but also because the U.S. represents a great opportunity for philanthropic growth. To this end, EAA has just agreed to merge with U.S. 501c3 charity Justice For Animals! The new entity will be led by the current EAA board and will maintain the EAA focus and mission. Apart from obvious benefits, this merger enables us to fast-track gaining nonprofit status, which means that we’ll be able to accept tax-deductible donations in the U.S. from this point forward!
    More innovative and exciting changes are underway – stay tuned!

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