Benjamin Todd

Ben is the CEO & cofounder of 80,000 Hours. He managed the organisation while it grew from a lecture, to a student society, to the organisation it is today. He also helped to get effective altruism started in Oxford in 2012.

Before 80,000 Hours, he was the first undergraduate to intern as an analyst at a top investment fund. He has a 1st from Oxford in Physics and Philosophy, has published in Climate Physics, once kick-boxed for Oxford, and speaks Chinese, badly.

This page lists all of his writing at 80,000 Hours. Some of the most popular includes what makes for a dream job and his TEDx talk. They fed into our 2017 career guide, which was turned into a book. If you like those, you might also like this short video.

More recently, you can find much of his most important writing on our key ideas series.

Some more research-focused articles include talent gaps vs. funding gaps, which fraction of social programmes work, which skills make you most employable, how to coordinate, and our list of the most pressing global problems.

Besides careers and effective altruism, he’s also interested in evidence-driven personal development and investing.

You can follow his writing on our newsletter and Twitter, or random stuff on Instagram.

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