Have you checked out the Effective Altruism Forum yet?

A few weeks ago, a new online forum to discuss effective altruism was released.

So far, the quality of the discussion has been great. If you’re interested in the content on 80,000 Hours, you should definitely check it out. It may also be a good place to field career-related questions – we’re on there often and there’s lots of other people who might be able to help out.

Some more background:

It’s based on the Less Wrong codebase, so has all the benefits of up/down voting, karma and comment threading, which makes it far superior to Facebook and encourages high-quality discussion. The threads are also all saved and searchable, whereas Facebook discussion gets lost.

The idea is to provide a central place for discussion within the ‘effective altruism’ community. There’s lots of relevant organisations and people, but so far discussion has been spread across many different blogs and Facebook threads. On the sidebar of the forum, you can also see an RSS feed for blogs relevant to effective altruism, including our own.

The forum was launched due to volunteer work by Ryan Carey (a former intern at 80,000 Hours), Mihai Badic, and Trike Apps.