80,000 Hours is considering hiring a full-time, senior product manager to lead on iterating on and improving the 80,000 Hours website.

They would research, propose, and implement product changes to make the 80,000 Hours website more useful and delightful for talented people interested in having a high impact career.

To express interest in this role, please complete this form.

Note: This announcement is for an expression of interest rather than a job opening. It’s possible that we will launch a formal hiring round within the next month or two.

If we do run a formal hiring round, we’ll email everyone who filled out this expression of interest to invite them to fill out an application for the role.

About 80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours’ mission is to get talented people working on the world’s most pressing problems.

Since being founded in 2011, we have helped popularise using your career to ambitiously pursue impact while thinking seriously about cause and intervention prioritisation, as well as grow the fields of AI safety, AI governance, and global catastrophic biological risk reduction, among others.

Over a million people visit our website each year, and thousands of people have told us that they’ve significantly changed their career plans due to our work. Surveys conducted by our primary funder, Open Philanthropy, show that 80,000 Hours is one of the single biggest drivers of talent moving into work related to reducing global catastrophic risks.

The role

As a senior product manager, you would:

  • Research, propose, and implement product innovations to make the 80,000 Hours website more useful and delightful for talented people interested in having a high impact career
    • For example, you could lead on refreshing the site’s visual identity to make it more appealing, or creating and integrating a custom LLM to help users navigate the content.
  • Lead on strategies for gathering and using user feedback and industry research to inform product decisions and assess their success
  • Work with our developers and content team to implement product changes, eventually aiming to manage and hire full-time staff
  • Decide on the metrics we should use to track success and implement systems for doing so
  • Generally help grow the impact of the site

This is a senior role. Our ideal is to find someone who can fairly quickly take on managing developers, designers, and others as needed, and who can make autonomous decisions about how to best change the website.

However, for the right candidate, we are open to hiring someone on the more junior end and supporting them to grow into the more senior role with time. So if you don’t have a lot of experience but think you might be able to do an exceptional job, please still consider expressing interest in the role.

Note that this role is different from product management roles typical in tech companies. We are looking for someone who can help shape the product from multiple relevant perspectives. This includes thinking about content formats, visual design, and how to present our most important research findings in ways that will make sense to new users.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Quantitative abilities and facility with statistics
  • Exceptionally clear strategic thinking and communication
  • Experience with product management, product design, programme management, people management, or content strategy
  • Strong knowledge of and commitment to the values of effective altruism and longtermism
  • The ability to learn quickly and independently
  • Excitement to figure out and work on whatever projects are highest priority in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment
    • We are a small team trying to do ambitious things – this means we often pitch in on lots of aspects of one another’s work!
  • A good fit with our cultural values

We’re aware that factors like gender, race, and socioeconomic background can affect people’s willingness to apply for roles. We’d like to especially encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply!

Salary, hours, location and benefits

The salary will vary based on experience and the responsibilities you take on, but to give a rough sense, the starting salary for someone with 5 years of relevant experience might be between £76,000 and £85,000 per year, plus benefits. Our salaries are calculated according to a formula that is transparent to all primary staff at 80,000 Hours.

Staff can work flexible hours. We encourage staff to work whatever schedule (consistent with full-time status) will allow them to be most personally effective.

We prefer people to work in person in our London office if possible. We are open to remote work in some cases. We can sponsor visas.

The start date of the role is flexible, but we would expect you to start during 2024 and prefer you to start approximately as soon as you’re available.

Our benefits include:

  • The option to use 10% of your time for self-development
  • 25 days of paid holiday, plus bank holidays
  • Pension scheme / retirement plan with employer contributions
  • Private medical insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Up to 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave
  • Childcare allowance for children under 5
  • Coverage of work-related expenses like travel to conferences and office equipment
  • £5,000 annual mental health support allowance
  • £5,000 annual self-development budget
  • Shower facilities, a small gym, and free food provided at our London office

To express interest in the role, please fill in this form.