We’re creating a new book compiling all of our most important advice for entering the field of AI safety and governance!

It’s still a work in progress, and we’d love to get your input.

If you have thoughts on what you’d want from an AI safety careers handbook, please fill out this survey. There you can sign up to our mailing list to be among the first alerted when the new book is available.

Here are some of the topics we plan to cover:

  • The fundamental case for thinking the risk of an AI-related catastrophe is one of the world’s most pressing problems
  • Why AI safety and governance could be among the most impactful career paths
  • What kinds of career strategies we recommend you pursue within these paths
  • What kinds of work is already happening
  • What you need to know to:
    • Get started in a career path focused on helping reduce AI risk
    • Test your fit for different types of roles
    • Build career capital for the long (or medium) term
    • Gain valuable skills that will help you contribute as much as you can

We’re also still assessing the demand for the book, so if you’d be excited to read it, please let us know!

Below, we have a draft table of contents for the upcoming book. Click the links to see our most up-to-date thinking about these subjects.

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