Our Team

Core team


Benjamin Todd – Co-founder and Executive Director

In under three years with Ben's leadership, 80,000 Hours has grown from a student society, to an Oxford affiliated charity, featured on TED, the Washington Post, the BBC Today Programme and more. Ben has a 1st from Oxford in Physics and Philosophy, has published in Climate Physics and speaks Chinese. Before 80,000 Hours, he was the first undergraduate to intern as an analyst at a top investment fund. Rather than taking the job, he persuaded the Chairman to donate £60,000 to 80,000 Hours.



Will MacAskill – Co-founder and President

In 2009, while a PhD candidate in philosophy, Will co-founded Giving What We Can, a leading charity evaluator that has moved millions of pounds to effective charities and advised the UK government, World Bank, Oxfam among others. In 2011, he co-founded 80,000 Hours with Ben. Currently a Fulbright Scholar, he writes a column in Atlantic spin-off Qz.com, gives 30% of his stipend to charity, and has published in top philosophy journal Ethics.



Roman Duda - Director of Content

Roman did a fully-funded Masters in Philosophy at Oxford, during which he also consulted for a top 30 FTSE company on their business strategy, whilst also studying Mandarin Chinese. With a strong interest in Quantified Self, he has worked at the start-ups Memrise and Self Spark.


Centre for Effective Altruism support staff


Rob Wiblin - Executive Director of CEA

Robert studied genetics and economics at the Australian National University, graduating top of his class. Before becoming Executive Director of the Centre for Effective Altruism, he worked as an economic researcher for the Australian Government and investigated the most effective charities for Giving What We Can. He is a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper.



Tom Ash – Director of Operations for CEA

Tom provides manages finances, legal and logistics shared 50% with Giving What We Can. After completing the BPhil in Philosophy at Oxford, he worked for 5 years as a professional web-developer at a variety of non-profits, including the New Internationalist.

Our advisors


Dr Toby Ord - Trustee

Toby is a Fellow of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, an expert in global prioritisation, and has been repeatedly covered in the international media for promoting cost-effective philanthropy and founding Giving What We Can.


Dr Nick Beckstead - Trustee

Nick is a research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, and wrote his PhD thesis on how ordinary efforts to do good neglect the crucial importance of the long-run future. We find his analysis and feedback invaluable.


Niel Bowerman - Advisor

Niel has six years of experience in climate advocacy, during which he was on Obama’s 2008 Environment Policy Team, advisor to the President of the Maldives, founder of Climatico and named a Young Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.


Paul Christiano - Research Volunteer

Paul co-founded SPARC, which introduces the US’s top young mathematicians to the maths of intelligent decision making. He’s currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Berkeley and plays a leading role in pushing forward effective altruist research.


Jess Whittlestone - Research Volunteer

After studying Maths and Philosophy at Oxford, Jess played an invaluable role in our team developing our coaching process and research. Now she’s studying for a PhD in Behavioural Science supervised by Nick Chater - an expert in evidence-based policy.

Dr Owen Cotton-Barratt - Research Volunteer

At only 27, Owen lectures in Maths at Oxford. He has published in voting theory, artificial intelligence research and pure mathematics. He now works on prioritisation research at the Centre for Effective Altruism. We turn to him when we need to vet some tricky analysis.

Carl Shulman - Freelance Researcher

Carl was doing ground-breaking work in effective altruist career choice before we were founded. He has polymath interests, and has graduated law school, worked at the hedge fund Clarium Capital and carried out research into catastrophic risks at MIRI.

Volunteer community

Lachlan MacKinnon

Head of the Oxford Student Group

Lachlan is a Chemistry Student at New College, Oxford. He's hoping to use his degree to promote effective altruism in a sector where ethics are often conflicted by profiteering corporations, and to encourage other scientists to tackle these issues as well.


Jacob Trefethen

Head of the Cambridge Student Group

Jacob studies philosophy at Cambridge, speaks conversational Japanese and during secondary school finished in the top 50 in the country in the Maths Olympiad. He has previously interned at Macquarie Capital and at an internet start-up, as well as playing poker full time!


Max Siegel

Head of the Princeton Student Group

Max is a philosophy student at Princeton University and director of the Princeton chapter of 80,000 Hours. At Princeton, he founded the Princeton Journal of EU studies, was President of the Human Values Forum, and co-founded TEDxPrincetonU.