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Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to have more impact is to meet others who want to do the same.

This has certainly been true among people we’ve advised. Through connections made in our community, we’ve seen people start new organisations, learn crucial new information, find jobs, and gain the motivation to make a difference.

For these reasons, many people in our community have had more success and impact than they ever thought possible. For instance, Sam donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity in his twenties. He found an internship through our community. Ilan founded a non-profit while still a sophomore. Through our community, he met funders and mentors. Abbie’s way of thinking about how to do good was changed, and she became far more motivated to have an impact.

Below, find three ways to get involved.

“80,000 Hours helped me think more critically about my career choice, which has had a significant impact on where I am today.”

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“My thoughts on how best to help people have changed dramatically.”

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1. Join our Linkedin group

Everyone in our community is keen to help each other have a greater impact, so come and say hello.

You can use the group to:

  • Find people in industries you want to enter.
  • Ask questions to our community.
  • See high-impact job openings.

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2. Go to an event near you

There are local groups across the world that run events about our advice and how to apply it. Going in-person allows you to form much stronger connections than online.

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You can also stay notified of events by joining our newsletter:

3. Get involved in effective altruism

If you’d like to take action based on our advice, you’ll find lots of people happy to help within the “effective altruism” community. Effective altruism is a social movement dedicated to using evidence and reason to help others as much as possible.

We helped to start this community in 2012, so it’s full of people who use our advice. There’s now over 100 local meet-ups in 5 continents; and the community has founded over ten new nonprofits, and pledged billions of dollars to high-impact charities.

“Effective altruism—efforts that actually help people rather than making you feel good or helping you show off—is one of the great new ideas of the twenty-first century.”
Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and author of The Better Angels of Our Nature

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Otherwise, find out more by reading our co-founder’s book, Doing Good Better.

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