We would like to interview you

If you’ve got experience with a career of interest to our readers, we’d like to feature an interview with your on our blog. Similarly, if you’re interviewing someone as part of your career research, we’d like to feature your notes.

Here’s two examples: Nick’s thoughts on working at GiveWell and our interviews with programmers. You can see all our interviews here.

Why are we looking for interviews?

We think our readers have a huge amount of useful knowledge to share about their careers, and we’ve found interviews to be one of the quickest, most transparent ways to learn it and share it.

How would we like to do the interview?

If you’re interested, choose 5-10 questions, draft answers to them, and send them to [email protected] I’ll ask some follow up questions, then we’ll publish the final result on the blog.

If you’re interviewing someone else, make sure to get their permission to post the notes.

Example questions

Some good general purpose questions are:

  • What did you do before this job?
  • Why did you take this job?
  • What does the job involve?
  • What are the main pros and cons of this job for someone looking to make a difference?
  • What are the best sources of further information on this area?

You can see a full list of ideas for questions we often use here.