You've got 80,000 hours in your career.

How can you use them to solve the world's most pressing problems?

Our research and coaching helps you find the careers in which you can make the most difference.

Core Concepts


Maximizing Impact

Some of the paths open to you have far more impact than others. That’s why we aim to seek out the most high impact opportunities in the world, and help you take them.



It’s difficult to know which paths to making a difference really work. That’s why we work with academics at Oxford and leaders in prioritisation research, and base our findings on our own in-depth research.



Some common ways to make a difference, like becoming a doctor, don’t make as much difference as you might first think. That’s because the work of many doctors and other professionals is replaceable. We seek out the opportunities that have the greatest true impact.

Main Research


Best Causes

How can you go about working out in which causes you can have the most impact? Start using our framework for assessing causes.


Best Careers

What are your most high impact career opportunities? Start using our framework for assessing careers.


Planning Process

Having trouble tying it all together? Start by using our career model.


"80,000 Hours' coaching completely changed my career plans with their tailored and actionable research."

Haydn Belfield, Development Officer at the Centre for Effective Altruism


"I support 80,000 Hours because I wish I had been thinking about effective career choice starting a lot earlier. 80,000 Hours is exactly the kind of resource I wish had been around then!"

Julia Wise, Social Worker


"80,000 Hours has completely changed my view on how to connect one's passions with one's moral framework in this fast-paced century."

Karolina Richterova, Experimental Psychology Graduate Student


"80,000 Hours shares a clear-headed approach to making the biggest positive difference in the world"

Boris Yakubchik, Maths Teacher


We're affiliated with and share offices with the University of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute and are affiliated with the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.


We're part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, and work closely with the non-profit evaluator Giving What We Can.