Research reports

On this page, we list some of our most in-depth career research reports that have not been featured on the other pages.

In-depth career research

  • How many lives does a doctor save? A three part series, here, here, and here

  • What’s the expected influence of becoming a politician? Read here.

  • How hard is it to become Prime Minister of the UK? Read here.

  • Entrepreneurship: A game of poker, not roulette. Read here.


  • Biases and how they affect your career decisions. The results of our survey of the literature on decision making biases. Read here.

Personal fit and replaceability

  • What does economics tell us about replaceability? Read here
  • Intelligence matters more than you think for career success. Read here.

  • Does the harm caused by banking outweigh the good done earning to give? Read here

  • What’s your true impact? Read here


  • Can you measure the good you’ll do? Read here.
  • How altruists can benefit from risky careers. Read here.

Degree choice

  • A series of posts on how to choose a degree. Read the summary here. Read a more updated view here.

  • What’s the financial return from doing a degree? Read here.