Last year, 80,000 Hours’ advisors spoke to more people than ever before — and we are hoping to help even more people this year! If 80,000 Hours’ content resonates with you, and you want to get help applying the ideas to your career, then apply to speak with our team.

What we did in 2021

2021 was a landmark year for the 80,000 Hours one-on-one team:

  • We had over 800 advising calls. That’s the most calls per year in our 10-year history!
  • We hired two new advisors, Alex Lawsen and Matt Reardon, to join Habiba Islam on the team. That means we now have more people focused on helping people one-on-one than ever before.
  • We spoke to about 50% of people who applied — and when we didn’t speak to people ourselves, we often connected them with someone else, or sent them resources to help with their career planning.

We plan to continue to expand our service and help more people to find high-impact careers in 2022. So if it sounds like we can help you, apply now!


How can we help?

We’d like to help more people, like you, find high-impact careers.

Here are some of the things we can do on a free call:

  • Talk through cause prioritisation: We can help you think through what global problems you want to work on and how that impacts your career decision.
  • Consider your options: We can examine what different paths would look like, address your uncertainties, suggest new options you might not have thought of, and help you narrow your options down.
  • Make introductions: We can connect you with experts and hiring managers in relevant fields.
  • Agree next steps: We can suggest promising job opportunities, help you get funding, and discuss other promising next steps.

For more on what speaking with us is like and how we can help, you can check out this podcast with one of our advisors, Michelle Hutchinson.

Who should apply?

We want to talk to people who take an analytical approach to doing the most good with their career. We’re most helpful for people who are interested in the problems we think are most pressing, taking seriously the aim of helping people as much as possible over the long term.

We think we can be helpful to people at all different stages of their career — from undergraduate students to experienced professionals.

If you’re not sure whether to apply, we encourage you to put in an application. It doesn’t take long, and if we aren’t able to speak with you now, you can always apply again at a later date if you want. Sometimes even just filling in the application form is helpful in thinking through your career.

We can’t talk to absolutely everyone who applies, but we read each application and try to work out if we can help.

We currently speak with about 50% of the people who apply. And even if we don’t speak to you ourselves, we may be able to put you in touch with someone else who we think can help.

We’re aware that factors like gender, race, and socioeconomic background can affect people’s willingness to call attention to their own achievements. We’d especially like to encourage people from under-represented backgrounds to apply.

If it seems like talking to us would be useful to you, apply to speak with the team.

If you know someone else who is interested in 80,000 Hours’ ideas and would find speaking with us helpful, then refer a friend and we’ll send you a free copy of The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef.

Join our advising team

As we expand our service, we’re also looking to hire more advisors to join the team.

We’ve found that experience with coaching is not necessary — everything from management consulting to global priorities research has helped someone be a good fit.

Read more about the opportunity and apply here.