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Whether you have several options on the table or don’t know where to start, we’ll provide personal, evidence-based advice to help you choose the career where you’ll make the biggest difference.

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This tool helps us understand your situation to ensure you'll get the most out of the one-on-one coaching. It helps clarify your decision, makes sure you haven't missed any important considerations, and helps pinpoint your key uncertainties. It's based on the best prompts we've discovered coaching hundreds of people and investigating the science of decision making.


Get personalised advice

Once we're clear on your situation, we'll answer your top questions by email. We'll draw on what we've learned doing thousands of hours of research. Our aim is to help you find the career you're best at, most enjoy, and which has the greatest positive impact.


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We have mentors in a wide variety of careers who are happy to help. After giving email advice, we'll do our best to make an introduction for you.

Our results

Of the hundreds of people we’ve coached to date, over 90% would recommend us. More than 20% reported significantly changing their plans.

“A huge thank you for offering this service! University career counselors tend to focus on finding job listings, networking, and tweaking a resume -- but the big issues I was able to explore with 80,000 Hours were far more important to me in thinking about my career over the next 30 years.” Jessica Almy
“80,000 Hours was an extremely helpful service as I navigated the career path that I'd like to take after my PhD. They helped structure my thought process and challenged assumptions that I wasn't even aware I'd made.” Nithum Thain
“80,000 Hours counseling offers the best, most clear cut advice on how to make career decisions based on what actually matters.” Jordan Smart

Before you begin

We want to be clear on what we offer. We’re about helping people who want to make a difference answer the big questions: Which of my options will enable me to have the biggest impact? Which cause should I focus on? What options have I not even thought of?

We see ourselves as a complement to existing careers services, rather than a competitor. If you want help with applying to jobs, writing your CV, interview advice, etc. we recommend (i) speaking to people in the path you’d like to enter and (ii) speaking to a regular careers coach.

Similarly, if you’re focused on one specific career path or cause, we recommend speaking to people in that area or seeking out specialist resources.

Our primary audience is students and young professionals; if you’re at a later career stage we’re still happy to talk to you, but we might be lacking knowledge about your area.

If you don’t find the process helpful we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. Just let us know.


If you're currently in employment.

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If you're a student or looking for work.

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You can start working through the first stage of our process immediately. When you're done, you'll be invited to submit your questions to our coaching team. They'll reply within 5 working days.

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