Second October job board update

Our job board now lists 142 vacancies, with 38 additional opportunities since the last update 3 weeks ago.

If you’re actively looking for a new role, we recommend checking out the job board regularly – when a great opening comes up, you’ll want to maximise your preparation time.

The job board remains a curated list of the most promising positions to apply for that we’re currently aware of. They’re all high-impact opportunities at organisations that are working on some of the world’s most pressing problems:

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They’re demanding positions, but if you’re a good fit for one of them, it could be your best opportunity to have an impact.

If you apply for one of these jobs, or intend to, please do let us know.

A few highlights from the last month

Help reduce poverty and disease around the world

Deworm the World Initiative / Evidence Action
State Program Consultant,
Oyo State, Nigeria

Work to improve mental health

Spark Wave
User Acquisition Optimization for Mind Ease

Work to prevent global catastrophes

UK Government, Cabinet Office
Senior Analyst – Horizon Scanning
London, UK

Put an end to factory farming

Animal Equality
Office Operations Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

Good Food Institute
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Help prioritise global efforts to do good

Academic Programme Manager
Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Cambridge, UK

Operations Associate
Open Philanthropy
San Francisco Bay Area

Help develop effective altruist research in academia

Head of Research Operations
Global Priorities Institute
Oxford, UK

Study machine learning and artificial intelligence

Open Philanthropy
AI Fellows Program
Various cities

Prevent nuclear war

Scientific and Technical Affairs Internship
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Washington, DC

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