Below is a list of opportunities to help the global response to COVID-19. The list focuses on opportunities in research, policy, technology and startups, especially in the US and UK, and includes jobs, volunteering opportunities, and opportunities to receive funding. It accompanies our article on how to volunteer to help tackle the crisis most effectively.

Warning: we have not carefully reviewed the organisations and opportunities on this list, and they should not be taken as recommendations. Most items on this list are included simply on the grounds that we have seen the project endorsed by a relevant expert or institution, or even just that we (as non-experts) have glanced at the project and thought it seemed at least somewhat promising. Please contact us to suggest improvements and additions to this list.

Groups that are hiring or seeking volunteers

Update: We’ve also added a list of specific COVID-19 opportunities to our job board.

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Funding opportunities

Other good lists

Here are some lists that other groups have made:

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