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Work out how to find a fulfilling, high-impact career in this free, research-backed workshop.

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You have 80,000 Hours in your career: what will you choose to do with them?

This free workshop will help you find a career you’ll be good at, you’ll enjoy, and that will make a big positive impact on the world. In the past roughly 10-20% of those that have attended the workshop have made large career changes on the day, and over half say we changed what they intend to do with their life.

The workshop will be led by a member of our coaching or research team and will involve multiple short talks and exercises. By the end you’ll have a plan for your career and a clear idea about the best steps to take.

What we’ll cover during the workshop

  1. What does the literature say about finding fulfilling work?
    We’ll take you through what the latest psychology research shows is most important to being satisfied at work.
  2. In which career can you have the greatest social impact?
    What is “social impact”, and what options are there beyond nonprofits and teaching?
  3. How do you put yourself in the best position for the future?
    We’ll cover what to look for in your first couple of jobs and some especially promising options to consider.
  4. How to put together your plan
    We’ll tell you how to figure out which options are best for you and make a plan for the coming years. And we won’t just tell you to follow your passion.
  5. How to actually get the jobs you want
    The best advice out there on following through on your plan and landing the jobs you want.

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Testimonials from previous attendees

This workshop was absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who considers social impact a factor in their career plans. This afternoon was probably the most productive afternoon I have had this year.
Harri Besceli, Oxford

I wish I had attended this workshop as a freshman! Surprisingly helpful. Honest, research-backed, career advice from really smart people.
Lynn Yu, MIT

I went in with no idea what I wanted to do – other than a desire to help people – and I’m leaving with clear ideas for first jobs and a plan of action for the next few months
Cat Weston, Cambridge

Amazingly fun and upbeat! Useful, practical tips and insights, and helped me to explain my career goals and why more clearly and succinctly. Thank you.
Jordan Taylor, Yale

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Who is 80,000 Hours?

80,000 Hours is an independent non-profit, which helps graduates find fulfilling jobs with a big positive impact on the world. Since originating an Oxford University in 2011, the organization has passed through Y-combinator, the most prestigious startup incubator. After five years of research into how to find the best career we have worked extensively with thousands of young people, particularly those in prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton, and have an online career guide that’s read by half a million people each year.

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  1. I’ve already read a lot of 80,000 Hours content, is this for me?
    We’ll cover all our intro material, so if you’ll find that boring, then it’s not for you. However, if you’d like to spend a day thinking through all the basics and how they apply to your situation, it’ll still be helpful. Many people who’ve been familiar with 80,000 Hours for a while have still found it really useful.
  2. I’ve already worked for over 6 years, is this for me?
    About 70% of the content will be relevant to everyone, while 30% is aimed at people early in their career. If you’re later in your career, it will still be useful, but not as useful as for people early in their careers.
  3. I’m already decided on an area (e.g. medicine / finance / economics etc). Is it still worth me coming along?
    It’ll be less useful, but can still help you with decisions like what speciality to focus on.
  4. How come this is all free?
    We’re an independent nonprofit funded by individual donors. They give to us so that we can help people like you have a greater impact. We don’t accept any corporate sponsorship or advertising fees.
  5. Can I stay for part of the day?
    We’d prefer you not to come in and out. If you only need to miss an hour though that’s OK.
  6. What if I can’t make a workshop?
    We might be back in your area again – stay tuned! However, the workshop is also based on our free online career guide, so you could work through that and use our career planning tool for deciding what to do.

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