Lots of website updates on 80,000 Hours

NOTE: This piece is now out of date. More current information on our plans and impact can be found on our Evaluations page.

The last month has been a big one for the 80,000 Hours website. Thanks to our comms and web team for working so hard on it!

Here’s a whirlwind tour of the recent changes:

  • We’ve changed our membership declaration – check out the membership pages to see what it means to join 80,000 Hours, and why you should.

  • What is effective altruism and why is our careers advice different from conventional ethical careers advice?

  • We’ve recruited lots of new members, surpassing 75 in total. Check them out here.

  • In addition to our research published on the blog, we’ve written a getting started guide for you career and an introduction to the 5 main types of high impact activities.

If you’re interested in what you see, why not volunteer or get in touch with us?