I began working in healthcare at the age of sixteen wanting to “help people.” My motivations are still the same, but my thoughts on how best to help people have changed dramatically
Abbie Taylor
Medical student, University of Oxford
Anyone who is serious about changing the world should read through 80000 Hours’ research first. It has radically changed my perspective about how best to help people and my expectations about how much I can achieve.
Ben Clifford
Director of Community, Giving What We Can
Without 80,000 Hours, I would not be pursuing this career.
Ben Halton
PPE Student, University of Oxford
I support 80,000 Hours because I wish I had been thinking about effective career choice starting a lot earlier. 80,000 Hours is exactly the kind of resource I wish had been around then!
Julia Wise
Social Worker
80,000 Hours shares a clear-headed approach to making the biggest positive difference in the world.
Boris Yakubchik
Maths Teacher
80,000 hours helped me gain clarity on what I wanted out of my career and expanded the space of what I considered possible.
Danny Hintze
Economics and Pre-Med, Arizona State University
I had been thinking about how to make a difference for some time, and when I encountered 80,000 Hours I found all these smart people who had been thinking about it for even longer. I really liked 80,000 Hours’ quantitative approach to thinking about impact.
David John
Analyst in Quantitative Finance
I am so thankful that 80,000 hours exists. As a student trying to figure out what to do with my life, the website has been clarifying my thoughts and direction.
David Newton
Student, Centre College
Before I found 80,000 Hours, I wanted to help solve global issues, and I wanted a good career. However, these seemed disconnected. I didn’t know how to meld them together. After I encountered 80,000 Hours, their body of ideas introduced me to new causes, new careers, and new ideas which will change the shape of my adulthood as it unfolds. For that, I am grateful.
Evan Gaensbauer
Student in Cognitive Systems, University of British Columbia
80,000 Hours' coaching completely changed my career plans with their tailored and actionable research.
Haydn Belfield
Development Officer, The Centre for Effective Altruism
If you’re young, smart and want to have a major positive impact on the world - you really should speak to the team at 80000 Hours.
Isaac Lewis
Graduate of Entrepreneur First and software engineer
80,000 Hours changed how I looked at my career prospects. Through 80,000 Hours, I met amazing people, and it is important to me that I know I have a network of smart, supportive folks in the years ahead.
Jacob Nebel
BPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford
80,000 Hours is a realistic landing for all the dreaming of saving the world we had as a child.
Jacy Anthis
80,000 Hours member, Brown University
80,000 hours made me contextualize my career choice as the most important ethical decision I had to make in my lifetime. Few organizations take the idea of “doing good” more seriously.
Jason Kirschner
Medical Student
In general, interacting with 80,000 Hours has nothing short of revolutionised the way I think about my career, and even beyond that, my life in general.
Jess Whittlestone
PhD candidate in Psychology, University of Warwick
Excellent approach, great resource. Fills a real need.
Johann Rozeman
80,000 Hours brings much needed rationality to the most important decision you’ll ever make - what am I going to do with my life? You cannot fail to be challenged, provoked and inspired by the work they are doing to help people make ethical career choices.
John Saunders
80,000 Hours has subtly but fundamentally changed the way I see careers. It has given me new intentions and refined my existing ones. It’s a great idea and I look forward to seeing where it goes!
Julian Weideman
MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford
80,000 Hours has completely changed my view on how to connect one's passions with one's moral framework in this fast-paced century.
Karolina Richterova
Experimental Psychology Graduate Student
After I left college I knew I wanted to make the world a better place but I didn’t know how best to do it. The lecture that started it all helped me think more clearly about the factors involved in career choice. The 80,000 Hours careers adviser recommended that I study programming and computer science, and that’s what I’ve been doing. While I haven’t yet achieved my dreams, I believe that the advice provided 80,000 Hours will help me become a more effective altruist.
Patrick Brinich-Langlois
80,000 Hours member, Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation, Alaska
The research and advice provided by 80,000 Hours has been a valuable resource for planning my career. The nuanced explorations of concepts like “replaceability”, “quantifiability” and “earning to give” have significantly influenced my thinking - and my actions. I am convinced that my ability to have a positive impact on the world has been greatly amplified by my engagement with 80,000 Hours.
Peter Hartree
Freelance Web Developer
80,000 hours has provided me with research and provocative articles that have helped shape my ideas about how to have a positive impact on this world! Thank you very much! I would recommend them to anyone, including my younger self!
Peter Jacobson
Business analyst
With my new found beliefs in altruism, I think that the sky is the limit! I truly believe I can do anything with a career!
Ryan Rollins
80,000 Hours Member
It was only when I found 80,000 Hours, that my future career really began.
Sam Hilton
Policy analyst, UK Treasury