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80,000 Hours is part of the Centre For Effective Altruism, a registered charity in England and Wales. We are entirely dependent upon the support of generous donors like you.

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Our achievements include:

  • Produced an online career guide that receives hundreds of thousands of views each year.
  • Coached over 200 people
  • Recorded over 188 significant plan changes, including people who have donated over $1m to charity and founded new organisations.

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Allows us to give three people email advice on their plans.


Enables us to do a in-depth coaching with high impact individual, that will help us identify key lessons and patterns that will apply to thousands of others in similar situations.


Enables us to host a graduate volunteer to do a full month of research, where they could write up a model that estimates the average impact of becoming a doctor, make a framework to work out which skills are most useful or interview experts about the opportunities within a high potential cause.


Enables us to hire an extra full time careers analyst for a year, which would allow us to in-depth coaching with over 100 additional individuals and build the team for future expansion.

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