About the show

Learn Effective Altruism is a collection of ten top episodes of The 80,000 Hours Podcast, specifically selected to help listeners rapidly get up to speed on the school of thought known as effective altruism.

They cover:

  • What effective altruism is: the use of evidence and careful analysis to do as much good as possible
  • The strategies for improving the world that are most popular within the effective altruism community, and why they’re popular
  • The key disagreements between researchers in the field
  • How to ‘think like an effective altruist’
  • How you could figure out how to make your biggest contribution to solving the world’s most pressing problems

The selection is ideal for people who are completely new to effective altruism as well as anyone who’s familiar with effective altruism but new to the 80,000 Hours Podcast.

The full show has over 90 interviews that dive deep into a wide range of important topics. But we suggest listening to these ten first.

Together they’ll give you the most essential information you need about some of the world’s most pressing problems figuring out how to do the most good.

Feedback from listeners

The frontier questions in philosophy were explained really well so that a non-philosopher like myself could understand them.

This is probably my favourite episode yet.

On episode seven with Hilary Greaves

Rob asked good questions that led the discussion to all the places I could hope it to go, …addressing counterarguments, seeking clarification and asking for concrete examples.

Really well thought out and articulated.

On episode five with Paul Christiano

Bayesian thinking is one of those things I hear about and keep thinking I need to learn more and practice, but don’t.

Spencer made it accessible…

On episode four with Spencer Greenberg

This was easily one of my favorite episodes.

I would very much like more from people who have carefully thought through novel ideas for how best to do good in the long run, outside the current ‘EA shortlist’.

On episode nine with Dave Denkenberger

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